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Your environment is the only one you have. We reduce our ecological footprint by considering the entire life cycle of our organic cotton fabrics and yak yarn, using 100% recycled paper for printed material, distributing reuseable shopping bags, developing enivronmental programs with local organizations, and supporting initiatives that help reduce the carbon dioxide we produce in running our business.

We believe that babies have minimal needs and they only need some basic baby items, often called a layette. To reduce consumer consumption, our collection focuses on layette baby items that are practical, stylish, low-maintenance, durable and (often) multi-functional.

wobabybasics’ unique Hand-Me-Down Program has been developed to reduce landfills by reusing baby clothing. We invite our clients to exchange wobabybasics’ items that have been fully used or outgrown for a discount on their next purchase. Returned products will be donated to local charities or properly recycled.

Sherry Poon is the founder of Shanghai’s Eco Design Fair and wobabybasics is proud to be one of the organizers and sponsors of the bi-annual event. The Eco Design Fair aims to promote environmental issues and sustainable consumer goods to Shanghai’s general public.

Sustainable Baby Tips, Treehugger.

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