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Your community is important and wobabybasics believes in giving back to the communities we live in and buy our materials from. Our commitment is to give part of our profits to a variety of action-oriented charities, especially those that are focused on children and families. This is from OUR profits; we do not mark-up our products to cover this.

Our products are made ethically in China and we strive to use only ethically-made fabrics. All our raw materials are made in mills that respect fair labour practices that include proper working conditions, wages, bonuses and vacations for workers — no sweat shops allowed.

Our knitwear are made from yak down sourced from a cooperative in the mountainous Himalayan regions of Western China. Each garment is lovingly handknitted by a women’s cooperative in Northeast China, working in self-managed groups and making decisions as a democracy. This fair trade production method creates self-esteem and strengthens communities.

Hui Xin Disabled Children Center is home to more than 100 mentally and physically handicapped children, aged 0 to 16 years old. Wobabybasics supports Hui Xin with regular donations of everyday items, and the net proceeds from our What Really Matters Project goes towards renovation projects at the orphanage building. The What Really Matters Project is an annual limited edition print designed by real-life parents and designers for a good cause.

Our favorite organizations:

Catalyst Foundation . U.K. non-profit organization which creates work opportunities for disadvantaged women in China.

Shokay . Social enterprise business that sources yak fiber directly from the herders, enabling them to earn a sustainable living while preserving their traditional lifestyle.

Hui Xin Disabled Children Asylum . A non-governmental orphanage in Hong Kou District, Shanghai with over 120 children aged 0 to 16 years old. Most children are physically or mentally disabled and have a low chance for adoption.

Wokai . Wokai is a 501c3 non-profit organization that enables people in China to lift themselves from poverty. Our name means “I start” in Chinese.

Hands on Shanghai . Connects volunteers with local community-based organizations.

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