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> What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton starts with organic farming practices, which uses seeds that haven’t been genetically modified or treated with pesticides. It is then grown free of toxic chemicals — highly synthetic and destructive fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides or pesticides. Pest control is accomplished through the use of natural predators and other sustainable practices (such as crop rotation). From growth through harvesting, the process is monitored according to a set of Organic Growing Standards adopted by governmental bodies. wobabybasics uses organic cotton certified by IMO under GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

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> Why is organic cotton better than conventional cotton?

Considered by many to be a pure natural fibre, conventional cotton actually has an incredibly chemically-intensive growing process. Conventional cotton is less than 3% of the world’s agriculture, but uses 25% of the world’s insecticides and 10% of the world’s pesticides. Seven of the most common pesticides used on cotton are “known, probable or likely” to be human carcinogens according to the EPA, causing, among others, cancer, birth defects, and nervous system disorders.

Regardless of where these farms are located, the pesticides used often find their way into the human food chain. For example, cottonseed oil is used in processed foods, beef and dairy cows are fed cotton straw and other cotton waste. Many food crops are often grown in rotation with cotton.

Organic cotton is not sprayed with harmful pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, which in turn helps save our water, air and environment as a whole. Organic methods of agriculture are inherently better for our bodies, our homes, our planet and for future generations.

A baby’s skin is five times thinner than that of an adult, makng it far easier for dangerous and harmful toxins to enter their bodies. Organic baby clothing is free of toxics residue, making them and you, more comfortable with what they are wearing. Organic cotton is also thicker, softer and longer lasting than conventional cotton clothing that has been chemically processed.

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> What are the technical features of the wobabybasics garments?

All wobabybasics clothing is flat-seamed to prevent irritation or chafing of the skin. All items have been preshrunk to ensure a perfect fit for our customers. Our zippers are sewn into our garments after they have been pre-shrunk so that they do not buckle after you wash them.

Depending on the garment and it’s intended purpose, we add the best technical features. We encourage you to come and visit our stores and have a chat with one of our staff. All of our staff are up to date on each garments’ technical features and would be happy to share their knowledge with you!

> What is wobabybasics doing to reduce its environmental footprint?

We view efficiency and waste reduction as smart business, particularly in our manufacturing processes. Our designers continually innovate with sustainable styles that reduce waste in the design and production processes. We try and keep our packaging to a minimum using biodegradeable and recycled materials. The products we stock are made using organic cotton and eco fabrics. wobabybasics uses 100% organic cotton certified by IMO and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 low impact dyes. If you would like to see a copy of our certifications, please send an email to [email protected]

In addition to sustainable wobabybasics products, our store/showroom development team is actively adding energy efficiencies into store design and using renewable building materials e.g. reclaimed wood flooring, use of natural lighting and environmentally safe paint. We encourage staff to walk/run/bike/use mass transit for their commute. We recycle at all of our facilities and are working towards 95% zero-waste across all departments.

wobabybasics’ unique Hand-Me-Down Program has been developed to reduce landfills by reusing baby clothing. We invite our clients to exchange wobabybasics’ items that have been fully used or outgrown for a discount on their next purchase. Returned products will be donated to local charities or properly recycled.

Sherry Poon is the founder of Shanghai’s Eco Design Fair and wobabybasics is proud to be one of the organizers and sponsors of the bi-annual event. The Eco Design Fair aims to promote environmental issues and sustainable consumer goods to Shanghai’s general public.

If you find anything that does not conform to our environmental policy then please write to us at [email protected] and we will address the issue.

> How does wobabybasics give back to its communities?

Your community is important and wobabybasics believe in giving back to the communities we live in and buy our materials from. Our commitment is to give part of our profits to a variety of proactive charities, especially those that are focused on children and families. This is from OUR profits; we do not mark-up our products to cover this. We will also hold community events and classes in our stores.

> What are factory conditions like where wobabybasics’ products are manufactured?

We use factories in China which are all safe, clean, ventilated, well lit, healthy work environments. We assess the health, safety and quality of working conditions of factories before establishing a working relationship. Our Workplace Code of Conduct specifies international labour standards related to health and safety, non-discrimination, freedom of association, child or forced labour, wages and overtime as well as environmental responsibility.

Our knitwear are lovingly handknitted by a women’s cooperative in Northeast China under the direction of the Catalyst Foundation, a U.K. non-profit organization which creates work opportunities for women in need. The women work in self-managed groups and make decisions as a democracy. This fair trade production method creates self-esteem and strengthens communities.

> How do I purchase wobabybasics clothing?

Presently, wobabybasics clothing can be purchased at our Shanghai showroom, on our online boutique or at one of our retail partners.

> How do I wash wobabybasics clothing?

All the organic cotton clothes are machine washable/dryable, and products are pre-shrunk. For the knitwear, hand wash in cold water, use mild detergent, and dry flat away from heat or sunlight, without pulling. We do not recommend dry cleaning.

To maintain the natural quality of the fabric, we recommend washing it with baking soda or non-chlorine bleach earth friendlier laundry products. Please consider drying with low heat or line drying.

Note that chemicals do not wash off of non-organic fibers any more than chemicals wash off of non-organic foods. The pesticides are in the soil and thus, the root of the plant.

> How can the customer become involved in designing new wobabybasics products?

If you’d like to help us create new designs, we’d love your input. Many of our products have been designed based on the feedback and suggestions of our guests. Design Feedback forms are available in our showroom or you can request one from [email protected].

> What if my question isn’t answered here?

Please check the site map to see if your question is answered in another section or you are always welcome to call us at +86 21 6247 0577 from 9am-6pm GMT+8 or email us at [email protected]

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